Lenny upgrade hints

Lenny has been out for a few days, so we upgraded one server for the student representation of our university. Not too much trouble. Some things I learned:

  • Make sure that all services are running that were running before, i.e. dump the process list before update and make sure every service is started after update.
  • Before trying to debug some problem, go over all *.dpkg-old and *.dpkg-dist files and update your configurations. A nice way to edit these files is using vimdiff, as described here. Just enter e.g.
    vimdiff /etc/sysctl.conf /etc/sysctl.conf.dpkg-dist
    and it should be easy to get the differences into your file. After each file restart the service you modified (perhaps it is not running 😉 ).
  • If you are using OpenLDAP, watch for this migration info. Otherwise you will get no ldapsearch results.

Thank you Debian team for another smooth start!

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