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F-Spot MergeVersions plugin

For all F-Spot lovers: Here is a plugin which merges versions of photos to their originals e.g. after a database import: click to download

Update: An updated version of this plugin now resides on github. There is also an alternative mentioned here.


This plugin searches through the existing F-Spot database for orphaned versions of photos, i.e. photos that should be versions of other photos but are separate photos.

2008/11/06/img_2333 (Modified).jpg
appear as two separate pictures, but the „Modified“ one should actually be a version of the first one.

The MergeVersions plugin searches for pictures named „[name] (Modified).jpg“, „[name] (Modified (2)).jpg“ and so on (up to #4) and merges them as versions into a photo called „[name].jpg“ if it exists.

How I got to it

After all the exif time data got screwed up somehow (no idea why), I restored a backup of the photos. But then the times were not correct in F-Spot. As I wanted to clean up my photo directory anyway at some point in time, I went through the painful process of re-importing all photos. Then, of course, the modified versions were not correctly imported. Thus, writing a plugin that kind of does this thing for me.