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iPod nano and compilations with Rhythmbox

Woah, it took me some time to realize where the problem persisted… solution is at the bottom 😉

Part I – Patching rhythmbox

First, I patched rhythmbox to treat all music files which are in a directory called Various or Various Artists as compilations:

--- plugins/ipod/rb-ipod-source.c.orig	2009-04-14 12:27:50.000000000 +0200
+++ plugins/ipod/rb-ipod-source.c	2009-04-14 12:27:33.000000000 +0200
@@ -486,6 +486,15 @@
 		track->mediatype = MEDIATYPE_AUDIO;

+	// Sets "Various Artists" and "Compilation" flags if in "Various" folder
+	char* uri;
+	uri = rhythmdb_entry_get_string (entry, RHYTHMDB_PROP_LOCATION);
+	if (strstr (uri, "/Various/") || strstr (uri, "/Various Artists/")) {
+		rb_debug ("Track is in folder for Various Artists, treating as Various Artists compilation on iPod.");
+		track->albumartist = "Various Artists";
+		track->compilation = 0x1;
+	}
 	return track;

The patch (which is custom and probably not for everyone) can also be found here. Download it into the rhythmbox source directory and apply it with

patch -p0 < rhythmbox-automatic-compilations.patch

The result is that iPods CoverFlow works much better. Before, I had numerous covers from Unknown (Unbekannt) albums for each music file that had no album id3 tag. Now, all these are grouped in one Unknown album. Note that real compilations which are in folders like Various/Munich Vibes are correctly displayed in CoverFlow as one separate album.

However, another problem arised on my iPod. When I wanted to find a music file by its artist and this artist is in a compilation, then it does not appear in the Music -> Artists (Musik -> Interpreten) list. It can also not be searched by its artist, only by its title.

Part II – iPod setting

Googleing around, I found a thread which solves the solution by one simple setting: Just untick Compilations on the iPod in Settings -> General -> Music menu (Einstellungen -> Allgemein -> Musikmenü).

Now, the artists are listed in the „Music -> Artists“ list and can also be found by search! *Yeha*

What do we learn from that? Apple makes products sometimes complicated because of settings which are supposed to be intuitive. 😉