VIM Cheatsheet

Here a collection of useful  VIM commands should expand. Mainly for myself, but could also be for help for others.



Most of them are from him, thank you for sharing your knowledge! I tried to order them somehow, improvement suggestions welcome.

For my syntax: {} refers to a mandatory argument, [] to an optional one. Alternatives are specified with „/„. All commands are in normal mode (if not stated otherwise). Ex commands start with „:„.


Moving around

  • H/M/L: Move the cursor to the top/middle/bottom of the screen
  • {line number}G: go to line number
  • gg/G: Go to first/last line of file
  • t{x}/f{x}: Moves the cursor to the next occurrence of character x
  • ;: Next occurrence (like n for normal search)
  • Ctrl-o/Ctrl-i: Jump forward/backward through jump history


  • [count]d{motion}: Delete stuff.
  • c{motion}: Delete stuff and change to insert mode.


  • t{x}/f{x}: To next occurrence of character x (excluding/including).
  • w: To end of current word.
  • ^/$: To beginning/end of line.
  • Motions can be prefixed with [count] to repeat the motion.

Insert mode specials

  • Ctrl-o{command}: Execute command and go back to insert mode

Word completion (insert mode)

  • Ctrl-x Ctrl-f: Complete filename in current directory
  • Ctrl-x Ctrl-n: Search forward for keyword in front of the cursor
  • Ctrl-x Ctrl-p: Search backward for keyword in front of the cursor
  • General: Ctrl-n/Ctrl-p: Next/previous match


  • q{letter}{commands}q: Record macro (till you press q again)
  • [count]@{letter}: Execute macro count times

Executing commands

  • :[range]g/{pattern}/[cmd]: Execute cmd (ex command) on the lines within range where pattern matches.
    :g/^A/d: Delete lines starting with A
  • :[range]v/{pattern}/[cmd]: Same as above, but where pattern does not match.

Executing shell commands

  • :%!{command}: Pipe the file through command and replace the current buffer with the output.
    :%!sort Sort the current file


  • :h[elp] {command}: Help on thecommand or keybinding in normal mode.
    :h d: Help on the delete command
  • :h[elp] i_{command}: Help on the command in insert mode.
    :h i_Ctrl-o: Help on execute command in insert mode.

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